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Join chefs and hosts live from their homes around the world as they share the recipes to their all-time favorite dishes! From an authentic pasta course live with a Roman host to a Michelin-level cookery course that will take your cooking skills to the next level, follow easy step-by-step instructions and learn all the secrets to making some seriously tasty dishes.

Online classes are the perfect way to...

  • Meet friendly, one-of-a-kind hosts on Zoom;
  • Discover new skills, useful techniques and delicious flavors;
  • Turn on your video and enjoy a fun virtual activity in a laidback environment;
  • Join other guests online or gather your friends and family for a private cooking class.

How do online cooking classes work?

Whether you'd like to join a one-on-one course or reconnect with friends and family, live online cooking classes are the perfect way to enjoy a unique virtual activity, discover new flavors and master new skills.

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You'll receive a list of ingredients to buy and we'll send you a Zoom link to connect to the course.

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Connect to Zoom at the scheduled time, follow the chef's step-by-step instructions and enjoy!

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Browse online workshops and find fun activities to enjoy from the comfort of home. From a sourdough pizza session to a French wine tasting course, turn on your video and join unique online activities led by passionate hosts!

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