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50 $ pro Gast

Paella cooking class and dinner on a terrace with a view on the Gothic Cathedral

Hosted by OSCAR

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Art der Veranstaltung

Kochkurs, Spanisch

Anzahl der Gäste

2 bis 12

Zeitpunkt der Veranstaltung

17:00 (2.5 hours)


Seafood Paella

Paella is a dish from Valencia, Spain. The basis of this dish is rice, which is fried, then stewed with additions and spices in a special deep pan with handles, called paellera. Paella, depending on the place of preparation, contains only rice and spices or the addition of meat, seafood and various types of vegetables. Paella with seafood is the idea of Catalans, which is not a typical dish from Valencia. It's called paella marisco. When preparing it, you can understand and learn the secrets of properly made paella. The name of the dish comes from the Spanish "patella", which means the vessel in which the Romans sacrificed to their gods. Paella was invented by workers who prepared this dish during breaks at work. Due to the fact that rice was cheap and filling, such a dish was adequate both to the energy needs of these people and to the state of their wallet.


It is traditional Spanish alcoholic drink. It is made of wine with the addition of fruit, fruit juices, ice and flavor enhancers in the form of various spirits or other drinks. The name sangría (from Spanish: bleeding) was given to this drink because of its deep red color. It comes from the Spanish east coast (Valencia region), from where it spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Initially, this drink (drunk in the fields at harvest time) consisted only of wine and water, only with time began to be added to it sugar, fruit and strong alcohol.

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